The County of Maramures is situated in the northern part of Romania. Lying in a wonderful area, guarded mountains, the Maramures County appears to be a city where industrions people built their homes, remaining here, with their ancient customs and beliefs, a living proof of the perenity of our people. Each house has a handracft wooden gate - "the Maramures Gates" -a symbol both everlasting existence and for defended property. There is an old local saying that says: "he who enters our gate becomes our friend for ever and even if he leaves he will come back". That’s why this county has a lot of friends in Romania and all over the world. Still, we always need new and new friends and partners. The economy of Maramures has been developing lately. Mining, wood-work and furniture industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, cloth and ready-made clothing industry, machine-building and food industry are completed by tourism, hunting and fishing, summer and winter sports and especially by the genuine folklore. All these appeal to you, to come over here and see them, know them and want them as your partner in business and investment. Don’t forget there is Maramures gate at the very entrance of our county; pass it and you have got the rightful quality of a friend and partner of our county. We wait for your passing gate to know us and we are sure of your remaining our partners.

Dipl.Eng. Gheorghe Marcas, President of CCI - Maramures County